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- Multiple warehouse pickup

- Remittance cycle 8 – 10 days

- Pick up management

- Bulk order upload

- Instant Bulk shipping label creation


- Shipment status report NDR

- Real time shipment tracking

- Notification of shipment status to your customer in behalf of your brand name.


- Live rate calculator

- Real time billing

- COD, RTO Reconciliation menu


- Free webinar training

- Personal Account manager

- International shipping

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How to schedule pick up?

What currencies are supported?

Add your Pick up warehouse address in your account and wait for it to get approved, will take 24-48 hours to add your pick up address to our warehouse database. Once its added in warehouse you can schedule pick up at any time but if you want same day pick up you have to raise before 12.45PM (Cut off time).

When do I receive my COD remittance amount?

We remit Cash on delivery amount to our sellers weekly once So, If your product is delivered you can expect remittance on 7 – 10 working days.

How weight is charged? What is volumetric weight?

There are two types of weight in shipping, one is actual weight you see in digital weight machine or scale, another one is Volumetric weight Measure in (cm) of your package Length*breath*height/5000 (Kg). The carrier will charge the weight for whichever is higher.

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